Friday, June 29, 2012

Peru, Part Two!

We are back to Peru this quick post owing to a new sauce delivery--more delicious flavors! We decided to open up some ají, another AlaCena product in an envelope that looks like a Capri Sun juice pack.


Sauce: Ají molido
Manufacturer: AlaCena
Chili pepper: Ají (Capsicum baccatum)
Country of Origin: Peru
Score: 9/10

Once again, a hit for AlaCena. This sauce is a gorgeous yellow, a “really high-vis yellow” in the words of M. The ají is complemented by onion and salt, resulting in a very flavorful sauce with a lot of kick. Although it is the same brand as our previous Peruvian sauce, the flavor is very different due to the different pepper base (ají versus rocoto) in addition to the extra heat. The "Hot Sauces From Around the World" should take note that they are being seriously outclassed by hot sauces from around Peru. AlaCena is definitely our new favorite brand. R says, “This is the kind of sauce that gets spoiled by food.”